Authors: Alla Nedashkivska and Olena Sivachenko.
In collaboration with Oksana Perets. 

Welcome to an introductory-level Ukrainian language textbook for English speakers. This textbook is designed both for university-level instruction as well as for self-learning. Are you ready to embark on a language-learning journey through contemporary Ukrainian culture? Then, all aboard!

For students

Students enrolled in this course have the flexibility of completing their assignments anytime, anywhere on any device with vocabulary, grammar, and other language resources at their fingertips. Literally.

For instructors

This course is primarily designed for instructors teaching an introductory university-level Ukrainian language course. It is accompanied by instructor manual and student assignment-completion tracking tools.

For self-learners

Learn Ukrainian at your own pace and absolutely for free. Assess your progress with multiple quizzes and other interactive tools.