During this trip, you will learn:
  • preposition У with the genitive case to talk about appearance (У Оксани довге волосся. “Oksana has long hair.”)
  • agreement of adjectives and nouns
  • personal pronouns in the locative case to discuss what someone is wearing (на ній “she is wearing”)
  • personal pronouns in the dative case to talk about needs (Мені потрібний светр. “I need a sweater.”)
  • adjectives (потрібний, потрібна, потрібне, потрібні)
  • adverb (потрібнo)
  • vocabulary (appearance, colours, clothes)
After completing this trip, you will be able to:
  • describe someone’s appearance and clothes
  • discuss personal preferences in clothes
  • discuss clothes someone needs for various occasions
  • ask and give advice about what one should wear for various occasions
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