Grammar Reference

Here you will find essential Ukrainian grammar references for the material covered in this course. This grammar guide covers 5 main parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs) as well as provides the most common constructions used throughout the course. 

Special attention is given to listing the common use cases/communicative functions for each grammatical topic. These functions are further illustrated with comprehensive examples.

Note: This grammar guide is by no means a complete and authoritative reference to Ukrainian grammar. It was written specifically for introductory-level English-speaking students with a focus on the grammatical structures taught in this course.

Grammatical terms: In this guide, you will come across a number of grammatical terms. Here is a full list of grammatical terms (in English alongside Ukrainian translations and examples).

Table of Contents

  1. Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns, and Adverbs
  2. Nouns
    1. Nouns: Gender and Number
    2. Nouns: Cases and Their Functions
    3. Nouns: Vocative Case
    4. Nouns: Genitive Case
    5. Nouns: Accusative Case
    6. Nouns: Dative Case
    7. Nouns: Locative Case
    8. Nouns: Instrumental Case
    9. Nouns: Case Endings Summary
  3. Adjectives and Case Endings
    1. Adjectives and Nouns in the Nominative Case
    2. Adjectives with Inanimate Nouns in the Accusative Case
    3. Adjectives with Inanimate Nouns in the Genitive Case
    4. Adjectives: Case Endings Summary
    5. Adjectives: Comparative and Superlative Degrees
  4. Pronouns
    1. Interrogative Pronouns ХТО and ЩО
    2. Personal Pronouns and Cases
      1. Personal Pronouns in the Nominative Case
      2. Personal Pronouns in the Genitive Case
      3. Personal Pronouns in the Dative Case
      4. Personal Pronouns in the Accusative Case
      5. Personal Pronouns in the Locative Case
      6. Personal Pronouns in the Instrumental Case
      7. Personal Pronouns: Case Endings Summary
    3. Possessive Pronouns
  5. Prepositions
    1. Prepositions в/у “in/at” and на “on/at”: Location
    2. Prepositions в/у “in/at” and на “on/at” with Nouns in the Locative Case: Places of Work
    3. Prepositions в/у “in/at” and на “on/at”: Streets and Public Areas in a City
    4. Preposition на “on”: Wearing Clothes
    5. Prepositions в/у “in/at” and на “on/at”: Directional Movement
    6. Preposition в/у “on/in”: Time and Dates
    7. Preposition о “at”: Asking for and Telling the Time
    8. Preposition з “from” and “with”
    9. Preposition про “about”
  6. Adverbs
  7. Verbs
    1. Verbs: Conjugations
      1. Verbs: First Conjugation
      2. Verbs: Second Conjugation
      3. Verbs: Irregular
    2. Verbs: Tenses
      1. Verbs: Present Tense
      2. Verbs: Past Tense
      3. Verbs: Future Tense
      4. Verbs: Future Tense of Imperfective Verbs
      5. Verbs: Future Tense of Perfective Verbs
    3. Verbs: Aspect
    4. Verbs of Motion
      1. Verbs of Motion: Unidirectional Verbs (іти, їхати)
      2. Verbs of Motion: Multidirectional Verbs (ходити, їздити)
  8. Expressing Certain Functions in Ukrainian
    1. Expressing Likes and Dislikes
    2. Talking about Needs
    3. Time Expressions: Clock time
    4. Dates
    5. Expressing Wishes and Desires
  9. Social Ukrainian
    1. Greetings and Goodbyes
    2. Introductions
    3. Phone Etiquette
    4. Personal Information Questions
    5. Asking for and Giving Directions
    6. Asking for Time
    7. Shopping for Clothes
    8. Ordering Food at a Restaurant
    9. Requests for Small Favours
    10. Staying at a Hotel
    11. Asking for and Giving Advice
    12. Talking about Likes and Dislikes
    13. Invitations
    14. Narrating a Story
    15. Connecting Sentences into a Story
    16. Comparing and Contrasting
    17. Surprise Phrases