During this trip, you will learn:
  • personal pronouns in the dative case to talk about age (Мені 20 років. “I am 20 years old.”)
  • personal pronouns in the genitive case to talk about possessions (У мене є годинник. “I have a watch.”)
  • agreement between nouns and adjectives in the nominative case (нова мобілка “new cell phone”)
  • nouns in the locative case (places of work)
  • prepositions В, НА with the locative case
  • verb conjugation (працювати, навчатися)
  • vocabulary (ages, personal possessions, adjectives, professions, places of work and study)
After completing this trip, you will be able to:
  • talk about age
  • talk about personal possessions
  • talk and write about professions and places of work and study
  • talk about family members and their professional life
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