During this trip, you will learn:
  • multidirectional (ходити, їздити) and unidirectional (іти, їхати) verbs of motion in the present tense
  • perfective verbs піти, поїхати to denote future actions
  • nouns in the locative and instrumental cases (modes of transportation)
  • adverbs of frequency (щодня, часто, іноді, ніколи)
  • vocabulary (transport, ходити, їздити, іти, їхати, піти, поїхати)
After completing this trip, you will be able to:
  • discuss modes of transportation
  • ask questions about everyday travel
  • use the construction я іду/їду (Зараз я іду/їду в університет. “Now I am going to the university.”)
  • talk about future trips
  • narrate a story about a trip in the future
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