Робота, навчання, відпочинок

During this trip, you will learn:
  • adverbs of time and frequency
  • nouns in the accusative case (work, study and free time activities)
  • personal names in the accusative case (to ask someone to the phone)
  • verb conjugation (жити, писати, грати, співати, працювати, малювати, готувати, читати, танцювати, вишивати)
  • vocabulary (work, study, hobbies, study subjects, days of the week, phone conversation, class schedules)
After completing this trip, you will be able to:
  • ask and answer questions about everyday activities
  • talk about work, study and free time activities
  • talk and write about weekly class schedules
  • ask someone to the phone
  • carry on a simple phone conversation
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