In this station, you will learn:

  • pronouns (khto “who” and shcho “what”)
  • personal pronouns (vin “he”, vona “she”, vono “it”)
  • gender of nouns (masculine, feminine, neuter)
  • personal names
  • to write in cursive

In the next slides, you will review the alphabet, pronouns “who”, “what”, and personal pronouns.

Interrogative Pronouns хто “who” and що “what”

Хто? /Khto?/ Indicates an animate being e.g. Хто це? — Це студент.
Що? /Shcho?/ Indicates an inanimate object e.g. Що це? — Це банк.
Note: The interrogative pronouns хто “who” and що “what” are used in question: Хто? “Who?” and Що? “What?

Match the questions with their corresponding answers.
(Note: you can drag a single question to multiple answers.)

Personal Pronouns

Person Singular Plural
First “I” я “we” ми
Second “you” ти “you” ви
Third “he”
“they” вони

Match the corresponding forms (personal pronouns in Ukrainian and English).
In the next slides, you will learn about the gender of nouns and personal names.


Most Ukrainian nouns have grammatical gender and they can be: feminine, masculine or neuter.
Gender of nouns can be identified by the word ending:
Feminine nouns вона ending in -a, : школа, опера
Masculine nouns він ending in а consonant: університет, бар
Neuter nouns воно ending in , : кафе, метро

Match the corresponding forms (nouns and grammatical gender).
(Note: you can drag a single gender label to multiple forms).

Gender of Personal Names

With respect to grammatical gender, Ukrainian names in most cases follow the same rules as nouns, so feminine names usually end in –а or –я and masculine names usually end in a consonant.

Match the corresponding forms (personal names and grammatical gender).
(Note: you can drag a single gender label to multiple forms).

In the next slide, follow along with the words and re-write them in your own handwriting.

Submit your words in handwriting. 

Use this handy little program to learn to write cursive Ukrainian.

(External link: http://www.ummildp.com)
Note: Please use this app in the Firefox or Safari browser. This app has a known issue in the Chrome browser. 

Complete the following quiz: