In this meeting, you will learn:

a Listen and repeat the Ukrainian alphabet.

Ukrainian alphabet

b Listen and say aloud the missing letters. [S1-13]

a Listen and circle the letter you hear. [S1-14]

  1. Аа,  Оо,  Уу.
  2. Бб,  Пп,  Рр.
  3. Лл,  Мм,  Нн.
  4. Гг,  Ґґ,  Хх.
  5. Ии,  Іі,  Її.
  6. Її,  Яя,  Юю.
  7. Цц,  Чч,  Шш, Щщ.
  8. Іі,  Її,  Йй.
  9. Бб,  Вв,  Фф.
  10. Ее,  Єє,  Сс.
  11. Жж,  Зз,  Сс.

b Work with your partner. Read all the letters in section a above, taking turns.

Let’s play Bingo! Study the Bingo Card. Listen to the recording and cross out the letters in your sheet as you hear them. When you complete a column, loudly say: “Bingo!” [S1-15]

a Write five letters. Read them to your partner who must write them down. Share your results.

b Write five letters. Share them with your partner who must say them out loud.

a Work with your partner. Study the Ukrainian abbreviations. What do you think they represent?

b Listen to the cultural information about the abbreviations in (a). Were your guesses correct? [S1-16]

АТБ or “Агротехнічний бізнес” is the largest network of discount supermarkets in Ukraine.

ТСН or Телевізійна служба новин is a daily news service on the most popular Ukrainian TV channel “1+1”.

ЧНУ or Чернівецький національний університет імені Юрія Федьковича is a prestigious university in Western Ukraine. It is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

МАУ or “Міжнародні авіалінії України” is an air carrier and the largest airline of Ukraine.

c Read the abbreviations out loud.

a Work collaboratively. Study the geographical names in cursive. Rewrite these words using print letters.

Cursive Upright English variant
1. Київ Київ Kyiv
2. Едмонтон
3. Канада
4. Торонто
5. Монте-Карло
6. Арізона
7. Фінекс
8. Онтаріо
9. Україна
b Share your results.

c What are the English equivalents for these geographical names? Share your answers.

d What is the gender of these geographical names? Discuss with your classmates.
a Match the sentences in cursive and in print. Share your results.
Cursive Upright
(1) Я Алла. А ви? (a) Добрий день!
(2) Добрий день! (b) Дуже приємно.
(3) Дуже приємно. (c) Я Петро.
(4) Я Петро. (d) Добрий день!
(5) Добрий день! (e) Я Алла. А ви?
(6) Дуже приємно. (f) Дуже приємно.
b Work with your partner. Put the sentences in order. Listen and check. [S1-1]
c Work with your partner. Role-play the dialogue in (a).
d Is the dialogue in (a) formal or informal? Why do you think so?
e How would you get acquainted informally? Work with your partner and prepare a role-play of such a situation.