In this station, you will learn:

  • personal pronouns in the dative case to talk about needs (Мені потрібний светр. “I need a sweater.”)
  • adjectives (потрібний, потрібна, потрібне, потрібні)
  • adverb (потрібно)
  • vocabulary (clothes)
  • to describe someone’s appearance and clothes
  • to ask for and give advice about what one should wear

In the next slides, you will practice the adjectives потрібний, потрібна, потрібне, потрібні and the adverb потрібно to talk about needs.

Complete each sentence by matching the beginning with a corresponding ending.

Listen to Oksana giving advice to Maria and answer the questions in the following exercise.

In the next slides, you will practice describing people’s appearances and clothes.

Match each appearance description with its corresponding image.

Write a detailed paragraph about Luka, shown in the next slide, focusing on his appearance and clothes.

  • Submit your text in handwriting
  • Present your text in class

photo of Luka

Complete the following quiz: