Що ми робили на канікулах?

In this station, you will learn:

  • ordinal numerals in the locative case for years (у тисяча дев’ятсот дев’яносто шостому році “in 1996”)
  • the singular and plural of nouns
  • vocabulary (fruits and vegetables)
  • to write a personal biography

In the next slides, you will practice phrases and verbs to create a story about your life.

Create a story about your life, real or imagined. The following verbs and phrases may guide you:

Живу в…
Навчаюся в…
Працюю в…
У вільний час…

  1. Submit your story in handwriting
  2. Present your story in class

Watch the following advertisement. What vegetables are in it? Now you will learn new vocabulary.

Complete the following quiz: