В ресторані

In this station, you will learn:

  • nouns in the instrumental case (вареники з сиром “dumplings with cheese”)
  • vocabulary (food and dishes)
  • to discuss restaurant menus

In the next slides, you will practice nouns in the instrumental case.

Match the corresponding forms (nouns in the nominative and instrumental cases).

In the next slides, you will learn and practice new vocabulary for foods and dishes.

Match each word with its corresponding image.

Listen to the conversation between Luka and Oksana. What are they going to do?

Listen to the conversation again and answer more questions.

In the next slide, review the menu from the restaurant “Lviv croissants”. How many times is the preposition з ‘with’ used?

menu in Lviv Croissants bakery

Which croissant will you order?

Share your answers on the forum.

Я замовлю круасан з сиром.
Також, замовлю круасан з шинкою.
Можливо, замовлю…

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Complete the following quiz: