Про себе

In this station, you will learn:

  • nouns in plural
  • vocabulary (family members)
  • to describe your family

In the next slides, you will learn and practice plural nouns.

Nouns in Plural

Form Ending
singular ⟶ plural
singular ⟶ plural
Feminine nouns, ending in –a: аи кімната ⟶ кімнати
шафа ⟶ шафи
Feminine nouns, ending in –я: яі полиця ⟶ полиці
Masculine nouns, ending in a consonant/zero ending: Øи вазон ⟶ вазони
Masculine nouns, ending in a soft sign/zero soft ending: Øі стілець ⟶ стільці
Neuter nouns, ending in –о: оа вікно ⟶ вікна
ліжко ⟶ ліжка
Neuter nouns, ending in –е: ея яйце ⟶ яйця
сонце ⟶ сонця

Put the following nouns into the plural form. Use all lowercase letters.

In the next slides, you will learn and practice vocabulary to describe a family.

Match each word with its corresponding image.

Listen to Luka describing his family and answer the question.

Write a few sentences about your own or imaginary family. Luka’s example in the previous slide may help you.

  • Submit your description in handwriting
  • Present your description in class

Complete the following quiz: