Світ навколо мене

In this meeting, you will learn:

a Look at and read aloud in Ukrainian the following phone numbers.  


b Work collaboratively. Spell out the following phone numbers in Ukrainian.

91-85-36   Бонус ☺
42-15-18   Бонус ☺

A big board ad of a laptop sales and service centre.

a Look at the photo. Listen to the description and follow along. [S3-4]

photo of a family
b Listen and repeat. [S3-4]
c Discuss the family relations of the people in the pictures, following the pattern.

– Хто це?
– Це Софія. Вона мама Оксани і Тараса.

a Work collaboratively. Look at the Stepanenko family tree and select the correct word to complete the sentences.

Stepanenko’s family tree
  1. Василь – чоловік/брат/син Олени.
  2. Олена – дружина/сестра/онучка Василя.
  3. Марія – донька/онучка/сестра Олени та Василя.
  4. Василь – син/батько/брат Петра та Марії.
  5. Петро – син/батько/брат Олени та Василя.
  6. Василь – син/батько/брат Тараса.
b Share your results.

Grammar in Focus:

Personal Names in the Genitive Case (Family Relations)

Form Nominative ⟶ Genitive
Feminine and masculine nouns, ending in –a: Оксана ⟶  Оксани
Микола  ⟶ Миколи
Feminine nouns, ending in –ія: Наталія ⟶ Наталії
Feminine nouns, ending in –я: Наталя ⟶ Наталі
Masculine nouns, ending in a consonant or –o: Степан ⟶ Степана
Петро ⟶ Петра
Masculine nouns, ending in –й or a soft sign: Андрій ⟶ Андрія
Василь ⟶ Василя

a Work with your partner. Look at the family tree and say how these people are related. Use nouns in Genitive.

family tree

Олег – чоловік __________.
Наталя – дружина __________.
Софія – донька __________.
Владислав – батько ___________.
Марина – донька __________.
Владислав – брат __________.

b Share your results with another group.

a Work with your partner. Draw an imaginary family tree and describe how your family members are related.

b Describe your relationships on your family tree to another group. Try to ask some questions also, following the pattern.

– Хто Ірина?
– Ірина онучка Олега.