Де ти живеш?

In this station, you will learn:

  • prepositions В, НА with the locative case
  • vocabulary (streets and public areas in a city)
  • to talk about places of living and study
  • to write about a city where you live and study

In the next slides, you will learn and practice names of public areas in a city.

Match each word with its corresponding image.

Prepositions в/у “in/at” and на “on/at”:
Streets and Public Areas in a City


  Please note that nouns with suffix -(о)к usually take the locative ending

Match the corresponding forms (prepositions and nouns in the locative case).

Listen to Oksana talking about her city and answer the question.

Tip: на вихідних = у вихідні (дні)

Listen to Oksana’s story again and answer more questions.

Following Oksana’s example, write a paragraph about a city in which you live or a city you particularly like, using the following expressions: у місті, на вулиці, на площі, у парку, на базарі, у супермаркеті.

  • Submit your text in handwriting
  • Present your text in class

Complete the following quiz: