Час і розклад

In this station, you will learn:

  • verb conjugation (daily routines)
  • adverbs of time (вранці, вдень, ввечері, вночі)
  • vocabulary (daily routines)
  • to talk and write about daily routines

In the next slide, you will practice verbs to describe daily routines.

In the next slides, you will learn and practice new adverbs of time вранці, вдень, ввечері, вночі.

Match the corresponding forms (nouns and pronouns and verbal forms).

Match each adverb of time with its corresponding image.

Listen to Luka talking about his daily routine and answer the question.

Listen to Luka’s story again and answer more questions.

Following Luka’s example, write a detailed paragraph about your own daily routine.

  • Submit your text in handwriting
  • Present your text in class

Complete the following quiz: