In this meeting, you will learn:

  • to introduce yourself
  • to get acquainted informally and formally
  • to greet and to say ‘goodbye’ informally and formally
  • to ask and answer the question Iak spravy? “How are you?”

Listen to the dialogues. Are the situations in the dialogues formal or informal? [S1-1/2]

Dialogue 1
Dialogue 2

How is Oksana feeling in each dialogue? Listen to each dialogue and match them with the pictures. [S1-3/4/5/6]

Dialogue 1
Dialogue 2
Dialogue 3
Dialogue 4

a Look at the picture and watch your instructor role-playing a dialogue between Oksana and her friend Serhiy.

Oksana and Serhiy
b Listen to your instructor and repeat the sentences from the conversation between Oksana and her friend Serhiy.

c Work with your partner and prepare a role-play of the dialogue.

Walk around the class and get acquainted with as many people as possible, using the new phrases you have just learned.