Зимові свята

In this station, you will learn:

  • ordinal numerals for dates (двадцять четверте серпня “August 24th”)
  • cultural information about Ukrainian Christmas traditions

In the next slide, you will practice ordinal numerals for dates.

Spell out the date that you see.
Pattern:  25 December
Answer:  двадцять п’яте грудня

In the next slide, you will learn about Ukrainian Christmas traditions.

Watch the video about Ukrainian Christmas in the Carpathian Mountains.
Share any three new words from this video on the forum.

Які нові слова ви вивчили? What new words did you learn? 

Share your answers on the forum.

Карпати (the Carpathians),
гості (guests),
мед (honey)

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Five Strange Ukrainian Traditions

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