Які нові слова ви вивчили? What new words did you learn? Share your answers on the forum.

Карпати (the Carpathians), гості (guests), мед (honey)

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  1. Nicholas Bunes

    Кутья (wheat dish), борщ (beet soup), домашні тварини (pets).

  2. Jessica Gorgchuck

    голубці (cabbage rolls)
    сметана (sour cream)
    гора/ гори (mountain/s)

  3. Mary Jamieson

    ланцюгами (chains), конячки (horses), село (village)

  4. Tiana Martyniuk

    гора/гори (mountains), ланцюгами (chains), село (village)

  5. Seth O'Morrow

    конячки (horses)
    Кутья (wheat dish)
    сметана (sour cream)

  6. Connor Perkin

    сметана (sour cream), домашні тварини (pets). голубці (cabbage rolls)

  7. Rachel Matichuk

    конячки (horses), кутья (wheat dish) , борщ (borsch)

  8. Isabella Libicz

    сметана (sour cream), конячки (horses), село (village)

  9. A.J. Lesanko

    гора (moutain), конячка (horses), і ланцюгами (chains)

  10. Victoria Mudryk

    трапезa (meal), сметана (sour cream), село (village)

  11. Marissa Bay

    Cело (village) Борщ (borsch) голубці (cabbage rolls)

  12. Kalie Keays

    голубці (cabbage rolls), гора (moutain), i конячка (horses).

  13. Regan Cardinal

    Гори (mountains), борщ (borscht – beet soup), Кутья (sweet wheat dish).

  14. Emolin Lind

    сметана (sour cream), ланцюгами (chains) i конячки (horses)

  15. Emma Kashluba

    сметана (sour cream), голубці (cabbage rolls), село (village).

  16. Gabrielle Sheptak

    сметана (sour cream), село (village), гора (moutain)

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