In this station, you will learn:

  • perfective verbs піти, поїхати to denote past actions
  • multidirectional verbs of motion in the past tense (ходити, їздити)
  • nouns in the locative case (де ‘where’)
  • to invite your friends to go places

In the next slides, you will practice words to hold a conversation when purchasing a train ticket.

In the next slide, you will practice verbs of motion піти, поїхати, ходити, and їздити to denote past actions.

Watch the following music video of the Ukrainian group “Mad Heads”. Where is the main character according to the lyrics?

Watch the music video again. Write down the words that are new to you.

What new words did you hear? 

Share your answers on the forum.

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Write five different invitations to five of your friends. Oksana’s example in the previous slides may guide you.

  1. Submit your invitations in handwriting
  2. Present your invitations in class

Complete the following quiz: